You’ve Got Mail: Getting People to Open and Read Your Email

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jul 9, 2015 | 392 views

EmailIt is disappointing and depressing to see that your carefully crafted and polished email is not getting satisfactory click-through rates. When people don’t bother to read and open your emails, you may think of ditching this strategy in your marketing plan.

Getting people to open and read your emails, however, doesn’t always have to be so hard. Competitive SEO package providers share a few tactics you can use to craft emails that will have higher open rates.

The Personalized Email

Making your emails personal is one proven way to enhance its click-through rates. If you want customers to look forward to your email, consider behaving more like a friend and write in a conversational and friendly voice. Subscribers and customers want to feel as if you’re directly talking to them and as if they’re the only one who received the email you sent.

The Useful Email

If you want to sell products and services, do not make your email look like a blatant sales copy, as readers will think that it’s spam. Don’t just email when you need something from your subscribers or readers. Always be generous, helpful, friendly, and act like a real friend. Keep in mind that you readers want to know what your email is all about, so be straight to the point and get rid of anything else.

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The Simple and Short Email

If your messages take longer than a few minutes to read, readers will get bored and not finish it. Keep it short and use short subheadings to break up content into scannable parts. If your email requires an action from the reader, limit the message to five sentences. Make sure that your message has a single topic and has a single request.

The Engaging Subject

When writing the subject line, avoid overused email titles such as help, free, reminder, and percent off. Cheesy phrases are also not advisable, as these will cause readers to ignore or delete your email right away. Moreover, avoid using all capital letters, as emails with words in all caps are most likely to get flagged by spam filters.

Increase your email open rates by making it personal, useful, and concise. Using sensory and emotional words also works,as they attract attention, and make your subject line stand out in a busy inbox.

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