What Color? Google And Other Major US Companies Researching The Use Of Colors In Business

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Google, along with other major coGoogle Officesmpanies in the US, is researching the power of color in the working industry. From marketing and branding to the appearance of workspaces, what can color really do?

Meghan Casserly, spokesperson for the US-based org built around the popular search engine, says that the research already found a significant link between color and work satisfaction among employees. Google revealed that if implemented properly, this could boost employee productivity and creativity.

The Link Between Human Emotions and Color
Marketing assistant professor at the University of New Orleans, Elyria Kemp, noted that there’s more competition for time and attention nowadays, and color could be a silent salesperson. “We have so much stimuli in the environment. That’s why it’s so important to have those distinctive colors that really stand out,” she said.

Prof Kemp has been following color trends in the business, conducting her own studies on the connection of human emotion and color. These include the colors people associate with businesses in the health care, transportation, and financial services industry.

She added that when consumers evaluate any product offering, they spend about 90 seconds or less doing an initial assessment. This usually focuses on the color elements alone. As a result, many companies are finding it important to identify the most appropriate color choice for their business. In fact, Prof Kemp said that some are even willing to spend thousands of dollars for this research.

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What Known Brands Have to Say
In the business world, colors in trademarks are common. Many consumers link products and services to a specific company because of their color. The Pullman brown of UPS, the distinct blue of Tiffany & Co., and the solid red of Coca-Cola are some examples.

Home Depot chief marketing officer Trish Mueller, said, “When we do consumer research and we ask our customers say a word association for Home Depot, the first thing they say is orange. So it is literally seeped into our DNA.”

Jaclyn Benedetto, spokesperson for New York City-based Tiffany & Co., said that the company is often associated with the signature color of Tiffany blue. She added that the color choice was from their founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, for the cover of “Blue Book, Tiffany’s annual collection of exquisitely handcrafted jewels” that was published in 1845.

The solid red color of Coca-Cola has been its signature since a hundred years ago, according to their spokesperson Ted Ryan. In the past, the barrels were colored in red when shipping to tell them apart from the beer barrels.

Choosing the right color is important because colors “…tend to excite you, make you feel like you are in a better-designed space and just kind of adds to that total feeling of security, comfort.”

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