Uniforms: Yay or Nay?

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Jan 13, 2016 | 155 views

The Pros and Cons of UniformsOver the last few decades, debates over school uniforms or dress codes still continue. While uniforms are quite common for private schools, the wearing of such is still a matter of opinion for public ones. Some parents support the idea, but of course, there are also detractors who don’t like it.
Less restrictive than uniforms, dress codes are a set of rules of what students can or cannot wear. Generally, they do not allow clothing that is too flashy or too revealing. Rules vary per school, with some stricter than others.

The Pros

-It is less expensive.

-It allows students to express themselves.

The Cons

-It induces jealousy among students.

-It becomes difficult to identify which students belong to which school.


Uniforms refer to a set of clothing that one should wear to school. In general, permapleat.com.au school uniforms consist of collared shirts, skirts, pants, and blazers.

The Pros

-It encourages discipline.

-It increases the sense of belonging, as well as school pride.

-It helps break down economic and social barriers among students.

The Cons

-It violates the students’ freedom of expression.

-It is a Band-Aid solution to the issue of school violence.

-It can be a financial burden for lower income families.

Squelching the creativity is the biggest issue it seems, when it comes to the uniform and no-uniform debate. However, what uniform detractors seem to forget is that there are ways to express creativity while wearing uniforms. Accessories, for example, are a great way to allow students show off their individuality. Your child can easily change up their hair accessories, socks, or jackets to show their individuality and creativity. Also, uniforms can be less expensive in the long run as your child only needs two to three sets over the year, versus having to buy a whole new wardrobe come the school year.

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