Typical Career Requirements for Security Guards

by CCB Today | Wednesday, May 18, 2016 | 239 views

Security GuardBecoming a security guard is a tough but fulfilling journey. You are privy to many of the company’s areas and it’s your responsibility to keep everyone safe and secure whenever they step foot within the boundaries of the business.

Before you get in, however, what should you expect?

Entry Level Requirements

You have to be of legal working age before you can even apply. College degrees are important but some agencies can still offer specific security training and jobs for undergraduates and high school graduates. Higher profile jobs may require a college degree and courses in law, law enforcement, as well as sports are greatly appreciated. You don’t need to have previous experience but past records can include prior security detail or even work in the police force or army.


Many short courses online offer Cert IV training and assessment courses in Brisbane, one of which is RAM Training Services. Some of the shortest offerings can last for just forty-eight hours. The average courses lasts around one week. You would need basic training on building policies, the general laws as well as specific rules on how to deal with clients and company’s VIPs. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with your patrol routes which will include standard guarding and patrolling while looking for signs of danger.


Further education can increase your chances of deployment in higher security areas or promotions. Certain training courses use higher calibre firearms while teaching trainees how to diffuse conflict on small- to large-scale engagements. Having an honest, polite, and amicable personality can also get you far, especially when dealing with high-profile clients. If you can drive a car, truck, or motorcycle, you can both literally and figuratively travel far in a security career.

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A big tip to remember with security guard training is to always be alert. You are responsible for the welfare of many people and your personality counts for more than just hanging around and looking busy. Good luck and may you find that security job that’s suitable for your skills.

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