This Is How You Take the Boring Repetitive Lead Generation Process to New Heights

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 | 231 views

Lead GenerationLead generation is often a repetitive and uncertain process. It’s a modern trick used by digital marketers to generate prospects by using computer programs. Typically, lead generation starts with the conceptualization of a campaign. It may be a newsletter, a contest, a free item, or other boring activities that collect the information of a potential client.

According to BNI Australia, business marketing referral more or less works with the same parameters. But, in the case of business networking, marketers tend to be more creative since they can freely do what they want.

With these in mind, it’s possible to turn things even in the robotic nature of lead generation. Here are some clever ideas to help you:

If You Can’t Express the Business in Words, Then Capture It

Not all businesses are easy to explain. When you talk about technical ones like pharmaceutical companies, insurance, and such, you can’t just explain what you do in one page. That’s why, if possible, create a video highlighting your products or services in action. Another good thing about videos is that these naturally attract more prospects since watching is easier than reading.

Cut Your Services and Products to Half

Unless you only have one product, you can always consolidate what to offer. By giving fewer options, prospects can quickly decide on things. This helps them think less and act more. But, if your business nature involves multiple products, try to categorize them rather than individually highlighting them, which can be very confusing.

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Make Your About Us, About Me and You

About Me pages are just ‘blah’ nowadays. Gone are the days when marketers think of the box due to restrictions of search engines. So, to stand out from the crowd, try to counterblow. Make your About Us page the most personal, hard-hitting, and purpose-filled part of your website. Your audience will love you for it.

Lead generation is a highly effective marketing method in terms of volume automation. But, to get quality prospects, you still need to do put in quality ideas and work hard.

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