Storyboards: The Key to Creating an Effective Ad

by CCB Today | Thursday, Jul 16, 2015 | 224 views

StoryboardProducing an advertisement takes hard work. Even if it’s only 15 to 30 seconds long, it needs to go through strict procedures to convey a message clearly and correctly within a short time. Ads help businesses succeed, so it has to be the best possible concept the business and ad companies think of.

No matter how good the concept or idea is, however, it could still fail due to improper execution. This is where storyboards are helpful.

What is a Storyboard?

Storyboarding is like drawing a comic book; you draw the story as it goes in the panels. Storyboards Online noted that its goal is to help people understand the idea behind a story. It’s an effective and cost-effective way to brainstorm ideas, as it allows you to play with the subjects you have as long as you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Why Does Your Ad Need a Storyboard?

  • Make the Story Easy to Understand – In ad agencies, people have different roles and expertise. It’s important that everybody across the board are on the same page. A creative brief might not be enough or too complicated when explaining an idea. Storyboards help explain different ideas through visuals similar to a comic book, so they get the main point right away.
  • Reduce Production Costs – Storyboards help pre-production staff finalize ads. As such, the production staff can focus working on the things they need to do. If they overlook even a single element, it could cost them to do a retake.
  • Organize and Improve the Overall Idea – Camera angle and panning can make or break a scene. In some cases, it can determine the message that an ad is sending. Storyboards help organize the shots, which is more effective to use and which has more impact.
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When conceptualizing an ad for your clients or business, better start with a storyboard. Let it help you think of the idea carefully before pushing the actual production. As such, you can save and produce effective ads.

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