Ski Holiday Life Hacks for Skinflints

by CCB Today | Friday, Feb 26, 2016 | 255 views

SkiingA ski trip in Australia is a great option for a holiday alone, as a couple or as a family. It may be more costly than other holiday options, though. The ski lift prices alone can pay for an average family’s stay in most tourist hotels outside the ski circuit. However, if you plan it right, you can still have a great ski holiday even on a small budget.


Choose when you plan to hit the ski slopes to get the lowest rates. The best months are June and September, and the best days are the middle of the week. Plan to sleep in and ski after 11:30 am to get discounted ski lift rates; after 2 pm, it’s even cheaper. If you are 65 or older, or younger than 12, you can get major discounts on everything.


You can go for a ski holiday in many places in Australia. Some are more expensive than others, so keep your options open. Check the websites of the different ski resorts and see what special offers they have. Take the time to make inquiries and compare rates before making a decision. Some resorts offer special discounts for online bookings.


Planning your trip involves more than booking the cheapest rooms and ski rental rates you can find. You have to make sure you pack everything you need so you will not have to buy anything in resort shops. says you can usually buy gloves, waterproof jackets, scarves and goggles at a discount when you buy during the off-season in Brisbane or online. If you really want to stretch your dollar, arrange to borrow everything you need.

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A ski holiday is a great idea, but it can be expensive. However, even a skinflint can enjoy it with careful planning.

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