Room for Improvement: How to Introduce Changes to Your Businesses Processes Effectively

by CCB Today | Monday, Jan 18, 2016 | 293 views

Businesses ProcessBusiness processes refer to are a series of tasks that your organization uses consistently to meet a particular goal. This is to either produce a product and service or provide value to customers. Depending on the need, you will have to improve these processes to achieve efficiency, increase productivity, and satisfy customer demands. Here are some steps you can take if you need to improve business processes:


Mapping the business process lets you determine how you and your team are currently doing in your existing process. This step can help you identify problems and discrepancies by individuals or groups within the organization. One of the ways to map your business process is by creating flow diagrams or charts.


After mapping, analysing your business processes will allow you to see clearly every activity within your organization. This lets you spot what’s working and what’s not in your existing process. It also helps you determine the changes you need to implement in order to minimise operational costs and increase profitability.


To be effective, the redesign of your business process redesign should cover everything, from production to sales and from getting expert accounting from firms like, to providing customer service. The goal is to maximize the new systems, simplify the workflow, and manage all the changes.


Document all the changes and make sure to communicate them to the entire organization. Implementation may involve actions such as reassigning of responsibilities, introduction of new technology, and retraining your staff. These changes might be met with resistance, so you may want to start with small processes that you can complete over a short period.

Keep in mind that even if the processes that you have just established worked accordingly, there will come a time when you have to make some improvements again. Changes in technology and the industry as a whole can render any process obsolete or ineffective. You just need to be prepared and flexible.

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