Prevention Is Key: The Different Ways to Avoid Common Flat Roof Issues

by CCB Today | Sunday, Jan 28, 2018 | 182 views

Constructors fixing a flat roofed houseAs a homeowner with a flat roof, you usually get to reap the benefits of energy efficiency, aesthetics and an extra outdoor space. Despite all these benefits, it also comes with its roofing problems as shared by roofing contractors in Lancaster, PA. To prevent hassles and financial drawbacks, regularly maintaining your flat roof is key.

Regularly Sweep Off Dirt and Leaves

Even though trees aren’t supposed to grow in a roof, residents with flat roofs have faced this surprising revelation. They have witnessed saplings taking root once they forget to maintain their roof for a while. All you need to do is sweep it off to prevent this issue and to keep your home looking in its tiptop shape.

Replace Your Roof Every Ten Years

Your flat roof will constantly be exposed to the harsh elements, including standing water and moisture, which can be difficult for flat roofs to get rid of. They are unlike sloped roofs that have the structure to remove these on their own. This is why you have to replace your low-sloped or flat roof every decade.

Seal Your Roof with a Waterproof Coating

Waterproofing is an essential way to maintain your flat roof. Without proper roof drainage, surfaces like tile and asphalt are porous so they will have more chances of getting mold, moisture damage and leaks. This sealant will keep your roof safe and in excellent condition.

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Have an Expert Regularly Inspect Your Roof

Keep in mind that minor issues encountered by sloped roof owners can have massive effects for flat roof owners. Thus, roofing experts suggest booking a regular roof inspection, like twice a year.

You are aware of the many benefits flat roofs can offer your home. However, you also have to consider how you can prolong its lifespan through regular maintenance.

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