Post-Service Professions: Jobs for Ex-Military

by CCB Today | Thursday, Apr 28, 2016 | 302 views

Ex-MilitaryThe military is a long-standing institution where many people from Sydney to Gold Coast live the profession of arms. While some choose to become career soldiers until retirement, some leave early. For whatever reasons, others hang their uniform much sooner and return to civilian life. After the discharge papers, what’s next for them? To continue to make a living, here are some jobs that can put their skills to use.

Private Contractors

You don’t have to continue on being a mercenary, but instead, become a trainer or adviser. Many private military contractors recruit ex-military to supplement their pool of experienced advisors. These can go in many ways. RAM Training Services says that you can take up security courses in Gold Coast or anywhere you live to set yourself up as a security guard, a shooting range instructor or a bodyguard.

Corporate Managerial Positions

Leadership and work ethic is something you pick up fairly early in boot camp. For men who have experienced leading troops in quite strenuous situations, they know how to run a team and get the job done. That said, your leadership skills can be applied even to the private sector. For example, if you were assigned to a logistics division in the military, you can apply for a logistics company as a supply chain manager. Employers are always looking for workers with management skills.

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Physical Trainer

Training for sports and combat is different. You may not be a champion athlete, but you can definitely lend your experience in physical training to people needing that extra push. You can be a fitness instructor at your local gym, or with experience and know-how in a certain sport, even be a coach for local sports teams.

Leaving the military is not the end. You may be a civilian, but you will always carry the skills, experience and values of a trained military man. With a resume like a Swiss Army Knife, use it to your advantage wherever you go.

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