Playground Safety Tips For Parents and Their Children

by CCB Today | Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017 | 192 views

Kids PlayingPlaytime is an important part of a child’s growing up years. It enhances not just their motor skills, but their social skills as well. While every parent wants their children to have fun and enjoy their childhood, they know very well that the playground can also be dangerous.

So before allowing your child to play on the climbing frames or any other playground types of equipment, make sure you do the following:

Supervise actively

It might surely be a great time to chat and catch up with your fellow moms regarding the latest happenings in school and in the community, but this should not be a reason to miss warning your child about the dangers of the monkey bar. Supervising and checking your child is one of the most effective ways to keep them safe.

Choose age-appropriate toys and equipment

Choose a playground with equipment that is appropriate for your child’s age. A three-year-old child on the climbing frames can be prone to disasters. Let him stick to seesaw or slide for the meantime.

Dress for play

Make sure your kids are comfortable and are wearing the right attire for play. Avoid wearing loose clothing, as this can get caught in edges. Remove your child’s necklace or scarf because it can lead to strangulation. Always let them wear closed shoes made of rubber to protect their feet.

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Inspect the equipment

Go to the playground, check for any malfunctioning equipment and report it, if there is any. In addition, be vigilant and check the location of every piece of equipment to see whether it is the right place. Doing so can make the playground a safer place not just for your child but for others as well. The playground should likewise adhere to existing safety standards.

Ensure regular maintenance

Ask for information regarding how the playground is maintained. Knowing that the right personnel inspects and monitor the playground regularly can give you peace of mind.

Allow your child to have a fun and safe childhood. Go out and let them enjoy the playground minus the safety risks.

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