Notes from TED: Inspire Your Audience with these 3 Public Speaking Ideas

by CCB Today | Monday, Dec 21, 2015 | 237 views

motivational speakerThe TED Conference is the millennial generation platform for sharing innovative and inspiring ideas on just about every imaginable topic. The presentations from this popular event often become viral sensations, shared by millions of people on their social media channels. Enigmatic speakers, with quirky presentations that are engaging and easy to absorb, often deliver TED Talks.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your presentation skills and step up your game as an inspirational speaker, taking notes from one of the most popular TED Talks might be a good place to start.

What can you learn from the most popular TED Talk of all time?

Out of more than 2,000 presentations delivered at TED conferences and a TED-affiliated event, a Ken Robinson’s presentation called “Do schools kill creativity?” has garnered over 36 million views.  How did it manage to amass such a huge audience?  The following breaks down this famous TED Talk to help you get a grasp on what it takes to rouse inspiration in your audience.

A strong start

Robinson started his TED Talk by presenting his premise immediately. He didn’t begin with a long introduction. Instead, he told the audience what his presentation is going to be about. It was only after presenting a clear premise did he try to pique the audience’s interest through stories and anecdotes.

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A simple structure

From there, Robinson continued to engage his audience by keeping his presentation simple. The structure was easy to follow and he didn’t go off on tangents. When he did move from one argument to the next, he used transitional phrases to signal that he was about to discuss something new.

A peppering of questions

Most importantly, Robinson made sure that the audience felt like they were part of the discussion by peppering them with several rhetorical questions. Using this technique, he was able to encourage the audience to consider the points he was presenting and allow them to form their own opinions about it. This engagement really helps keep everyone engaged and attentive to what he’s saying.

As one of the most popular TED Talks ever delivered, Ken Robinson’s memorable presentation on how the educational system may hinder children’s creativity serves as an important reminder for public speakers looking to improve their skills. Integrate these tips in your next presentation and inspire the audience with your own innovative ideas.

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