Life Guide: Putting Your Affairs in Order

by CCB Today | Friday, Apr 20, 2018 | 163 views

Man holding the knob of the coffinAt some point in our lives, we experience how sad and difficult it is to have a loved one pass on. And we too will pass away one day. However, we can make the experience easier — even just a little — for those we leave behind if we get our affairs in order before that time comes.

Medical directives

Having written instructions for your future medical care is one way to prepare everyone for your passing, notes Didericksen Memorial. This will spare your loved ones from making difficult life-or-death decisions for you when you’ve already lost the capacity to decide for yourself.

In your medical directive, more commonly known as living will, you should specify what medical procedures you want or don’t want to be administered to you in the face of imminent death. For example, you can include a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) instruction.

Funeral arrangements

Planning your own funeral arrangements is another way of helping your loved ones deal with your passing. You can do this by letting family members know — preferably in writing — of your preferences or by making pre-arrangements with a funeral home yourself.

Be specific with your funeral arrangements. Ask yourself questions, such as “Do I want burial or cremation?” “Do I want my final resting place to be at my family’s mausoleum in Tooele or my own house in Salt Lake City?”

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Last will and testament

Creating a will is perhaps the best way you can help your loved ones after your passing. Apart from legally distributing your properties, assets, and businesses to your loved ones, a will is especially important in naming a guardian, if necessary, for any minor children you have.

Additionally, having a last will and testament can prevent conflict within the family as you can specify what each member will inherit from you.

We’ll never know when our end will come, but we can sure prepare for when that time arrives for the sake of our loved ones.

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