How to Find the Best Customs Broker

by CCB Today | Friday, Apr 13, 2018 | 159 views

man working on freight transportA licensed customs broker is responsible for ensuring smooth and lawful entry or exit of goods for international trading. These professionals are experts in the laws and regulations inherent to overseas trade as well as in the specific processes these trades are carried out.

By hiring a customs broker, you receive all manners of assistance, from the calculation of related taxes and duties to country-specific rules and legal protocols. Before hiring a customs broker, you might want to consider these:

1. Crowdsource for candidates.

It is best to get recommendations from your peers or other stakeholders in the industry. Entities you could solicit referrals from could include freight forwarders and transport companies, among others.

2. Choose a fully-automated broker.

Full-automation of processes means your broker stays in line with pertinent government updates at all times. Also, filing and retrieving of documents prove more convenient under this system. The gist is you would not want to work with a broker who still conducts manual billing.

3. Choose a broker who specializes in the goods you import or export.

Although most brokers are well-versed with the ins and outs of overseas trading of goods of various kinds, there are still benefits to be had from working with a customs broker who has chosen to specialize in the exact goods you are shipping. For one thing, this means focused expertise.

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4. Big brokerage companies work well with big businesses and vice versa.

When choosing a brokerage company, assess the size of your business first. Partner with a large firm if yours is a large business. The same logic applies to the opposite case.

There is no shortage of customs broker in the trading industry. With this said, it is vital that you exercise utmost discernment before choosing a professional or a company to work with. By following the tips mentioned above, you are sure to be on the right track.

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