How the Tiny House Fad Transcended to Offices

The trend of small office spaces You are probably used to a wide office space where you can roam freely without having to squeeze through people in the pantry or bump into furniture. Guess what? The tiny house fad is slowly coming to workplaces, as well.

Having a small office space still gives you power and the freedom to choose – from the layout and design to different furniture, like what Precept Design has in store. Plus, it doesn’t hinder your chance at success – if anything, this might help you.

From Tiny Houses to Tiny Office Spaces

While a tiny office has its limitation in terms of space, it also encourages you to engage in active communication and to be more creative with your ideas.

Coroloft, a tech start-up from Portland, Oregon, had their small office designed by Los Osos. The start-up decided that it wanted this layout after realising the risks involved in shelling out for something that it would quickly outgrow. The design studio’s very own Laurence Sarrazin thinks this concept of small mobile workspaces is appropriate for start-ups and that this idea is ‘especially appealing from a financial standpoint’.

Starting Small – Shared Office Spaces

If you plan on downsizing and still a bit hesitant about shifting to a smaller office space on the get-go, consider shared or co-working space. While this isn’t an option for everyone, especially if you’re one for privacy, this can be beneficial and cost-effective for growing companies.

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Compared to the traditional office leasing process, which could take months, shared spaces are available to you almost immediately upon finalising the arrangements. Link Coworking’s founder, Liz Elam, has this to say about the concept: ‘Co-working spaces are havens of productivity, inspiration and happiness,’ adding ‘You don’t have to worry about getting the internet turned on or fix the printer jam. People come to the space because they need to get something done, but they stay for the community, collaboration and the networking’.

As aforementioned, the tiny house movement slowly made its way to Australia, so no doubt that the same will go for office spaces, as well. For start-ups and small businesses, this could be the way to go. While these have its limitations concerning space, it also encourages you to engage in positive communication and to be more creative with your ideas.

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