Engagement Ring Styles That Will Take Over 2018

by CCB Today | Sunday, Nov 19, 2017 | 245 views

Close up shot on an elegant diamond ringNow that you are finally set on proposing to your other half, it is time to pick out the right ring to mark the occasion. If you are nervous about the prospect of choosing from the wide variety of rings and designs available, this article got you covered. Here are the top engagement ring styles for 2018 that will have women swooning over.

Rose gold

We have seen the enormous rise in popularity of anything rose gold, and it is the same with engagement rings. Previous reports show that sales of rose gold engagement rings have skyrocketed and forecasts reveal that the trend is still strong and will continue well up to the coming year. Connoisseurs at Finecraft Jewellery describe the colour as something that exudes a romantic feel, and its uniqueness is perfect for those who want to be different.

Coloured diamonds

The classic diamond has always been the trademark of engagement rings, but for 2018, these classic pieces are getting a twist. Pink, yellow, and black diamonds are especially popular for new couples. The tinge of colour creates a mysterious edge that will rock anyone who wears it.

Geometric contours

Captivate your bride-to-be with this unique and fashion-forward ring. The key to this style is crafting a geometric shape to a halo ring that has an oval or solitaire diamond. The geometric lines create a charming statement while adding focus to the centrepiece gem.

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The year 2018 is a big year for embracing nature, and this trend is also taking over the jewellery industry. Some of the best designs include floral motifs and earthen colours. For most couples, it is important that the ring symbolises the person’s philosophy and if your other half loves nature, this is the perfect ring.

Combine one of these inspirations with your loved one’s personal preferences, and you will surely find the right ring for your proposal.

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