Deliver Better Customer Experiences to Boost ROI

by CCB Today | Monday, Apr 11, 2016 | 283 views

Customer ExperienceThe broad definition of customer experience is the sum of all interactions your customers have with your business. However, most companies have a narrow view and understanding of this concept. Some believe that it is service excellence, while others think it is all about advertising. Both ideas are only a fraction of what customer experience is.

Triple i Consulting, a business consulting firm, agrees that delivering better customer experiences allows you to keep or gain your competitive advantage and boost profits. Certain strategies allow you to achieve success in making your target market happy.

Brand Platform

Branding is and will always be important to any customer experience strategy. Some companies need to define, re-define or reaffirm the ideas that represent their brand. Staying consistent to who you are and what you do gives you staying power.

Develop a Strategy

When you know your brand inside and out, it is easy to describe the desired perceptions and feelings of your target market. This understanding of your customer allows you to determine what he wants and how he wants to receive it.

Business Segmentation

To create and implement a holistic approach to customer experience marketing, break down your company into distinct units. Segmenting by transition vs. traffic vs. trial might be a good approach for certain organizations, while segmenting by type of service such as carry-out vs. eat-in may work for others. This allows your teams to focus on what they do best.

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Customer Segmentation

Segmenting for distinct target markets allows you to address specific needs rather than offering a blanket approach that not everyone will like. Some choose a product because of perceived value over its price tag while others prefer convenience.

These concepts allow you to provide a compelling customer experience for your target market. Integrating these also improves your branding strategy and improves return on investment.

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