Brand Y’s TVC Might be Awful for You, but not for Their Business

Commercial On TVAll of us have been, at one point, plagued by a particularly dreadful TV Commercial (TVC). You know — ridiculous lyrics and horrible acting, combined with a horribly catchy jingle that, for some reason, remained ingrained in your mind for days and even weeks on end.

According to professionals, this is the hallmark of a good commercial. Sure, it was painful to watch, but it was also painfully effective.

Virality is Key

Reputable commercial production companies know that the secret in creating TVCs that make a mark is quality content. For this reason, they bend over backwards trying to come up with novel concepts that stir emotions and make an astounding overall impact.

Some agencies, however, discovered that “awful” content have the ability to produce similar results. They then started dabbling in the creation of creative but annoying TVCs.

If these commercials are irritating, what then makes them useful?

They are effective simply because it’s easy for people to recognise and remember them. People generate discussions and jokes around them. They even have the ability to stick around long enough to become icons of one’s childhood. Post them on social media and people are likely to share them with friends and family.

Should Marketers Produce Intentionally Bad TVCs?

If bad TVCs are producing just the same results, does it mean marketers should deliberately come up with tongue-in-cheek videos for the sake of virality?

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It depends. While “bad” commercials offer plenty of potentials where virality is concerned, it is not for everyone. Hilarious yet awful TVCs better suit quirkier brands. If you have always presented your brand in a credible, professional note, then it’s best to stick with your brand personality.

Whether you chose to create quality content or bad material, the important thing is to create a TVC that reflects your brand. Every video has an opportunity of being viral anyway, as long as the brand knows how to harness the potential of media platforms.

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