A Student’s Guide to London Living

by CCB Today | Friday, Sep 29, 2017 | 363 views

Students riding the London BusIt is not easy being a stranger in a foreign city or country. If you are a student bound for one of the oldest cities in Europe, then London might truly seem like a daunting challenge.

Even more so if you are on a tight budget. For everything from cheap student accommodation in London to places to eat, here is a quick and easy guide to follow.

Secure accommodations first

Before anything else, make sure that you arrange a place to stay. Contrary to popular belief, accommodation specialist LHA London notes that these can be had for affordable prices if you look carefully enough. The key to getting value for your money is to make sure that you cover all the basics.

At the very least, the place should have a comfortable place to rest, a clean washroom with running water, and electricity. Never compromise on these, and you will be all good.

Be smart about transportation

The next challenge after securing cheap student accommodation in London is getting around. Walking seems the most economical choice, but it can be tiring if you stay a distance away from the city centre.

Taking a cab is not optimal either, though. A good middle ground is to travel either by bus or by taking the tube. It might take some trying to master the routes and timetables, but it will definitely save you some money.

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Have a source of income

Even if you are taking courses in university, it pays to have even just a parttime job. This will help immensely in mitigating expenses on food and other essentials. While the jobs you might get will not be high paying wonders, even just a small salary goes a long way.

Of course, part of the solution is to be very budget conscious to begin with. There is much to enjoy in London that will not require too much spending.

Some companies provide affordable accommodations in London without compromising the essentials to make your stay here comfortable. Have fun living in London!

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