A Safe Workplace Does Not Happen by Accident

by CCB Today | Monday, Aug 10, 2015 | 242 views

buildingMost people make it the employer’s responsibility to make the workplace safe. However, workers can also do their part to avoid dangerous situations. This is the whole point of the Take 5 safety program. The best thing an employer can do is to schedule regular safety meetings and to test their workers’ knowledge about safety rules. It does not take a lot of time or effort.

Here are some Take 5 safety examples that any worker can do to make sure they get home in one piece.


Workers are on the ground level when it comes to hazards. They are the ones that get close to machinery in a factory, for example. The work is routine, so it can be easy to get careless. They should be encouraged to be proactive. If they hear something weird, or see a damaged part of a machine, it only takes a minute to tell others about it. This can alert fellow workers to be more careful, and even tell a supervisor about it.

Construction Sites

In construction work, all workers must wear safety gear. This is for good reason, as the construction site is always dangerous because they are around heavy equipment or working from height. If workers take the trouble to wear their safety hats at all times, and their safety harness when required, they can avoid injuries. Even a small object dropped from a high place can cause serious injury if you are not wearing safety gear.

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The Take 5 steps to stop, look, and assess a situation are especially important in mines. Workers routinely deal with many risks underground, and it is easy to forget basic safety rules. It is important to remind them all the time to pay attention to their surroundings. An alert worker can detect signs of danger, such as smelling gas, before anyone gets hurt.

No amount of safety precaution or technology can keep your workers safe more than their own precautions. Use Take 5 booklets to your advantage.

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