3 Smart Tips for Buying a Beach House

by CCB Today | Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018 | 162 views

property by the beachThe hassle of looking for a rental beach house every summer can be frustrating. Additionally, the cost of renting can add up over time. A permanent solution to this problem, of course, would be having your very own beach house. As you consider this possibility, here are three smart tips to guide you.

Take care of the financing part

Supposing you already own the home you live in, then a beach house is most likely going to be your next biggest investment. As you already know, houses don’t come cheap, least of all beach houses. Fortunately, you should be able to get financing if you don’t intend to pay for the house from your savings. Find a lender with friendly mortgage rates in Utah, such as Altius Mortgage Group, and get preapproved.

Opt for a smaller beach house

Owning a smaller beach house comes with lots of benefits. First, the house will most likely cost less than other homes in the area. Plus, a smaller house is much easier to maintain compared to a bigger one. And, since you’ll only be living in the house for about a month every year, why would you need a huge beach house?

Think about proximity to the beach

Since you travel all the way to see the ocean, then it only makes sense that you buy a home that allows you to experience the beach life to the fullest. Buy a house that’s close to the ocean. The added advantage to owning a house that’s close to the beach is that you’ll always have willing renters when you’re not using it.

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Owning a beach house is a worthwhile investment if you love to spend time near the beach. By following the right strategy, you can find one that you and your potential renters will fall in love with.

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